Damn..This site is just too hot ; )

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    Wots happening BHW??

    I'm Dj Kreata...God knows how i found my way here but i'm glad i did...This site is pure fire....I don't know how many music heads are on this forum but if you are! Look me up maybe we can bounce off each other. I'm from the Uk and my main passion is music, Playing it and making it! pm me if you wanna here some of my ish on other sites so u can see n hear wot i'm about.

    Anyways back to BHW, I've set myself up a lil internet radio station and i wanna blow it up worldwide, I want lots of exposure of my site and i'm also looking for the best ways to monetize it.

    Some of you maybe aware that its becoming increasingly difficult to sell music because of the rise and rise of the mp3....Free mixtapes,torrents and emails. I 've got a gmail library of Hip hop that peeps are giving away, So how da hell are they making money??

    I'm looking for out of the box methods to sell my music and if its successful it would be a new way to dominate the music industry, Because everyone is asking that same question. So any ideas you have will be greatfully recieved and rewarded.

    If somehow the code could be cracked so that record sales could be increased it could be licensed and sold many many times over. (so thinking caps on please for those out of the box brainbox thinkers!)

    I'm a noob but i ain't a silly noob who doesn't understand abbreviations and how certain things work..I'm just inexperienced at putting some of the things i've been learning into practice. having said that i'm a fast learner and man this sites info is jus too damn much!! :D

    Some of the sections in this forum are mad crazy truss! info overkill, but its all good.

    Well its been just about 2 weeks since i joined and i thought i'd say yo...(yes i am a black guy in case all this yo and truss ting is getting on your nerves! lol) but hey thats me :cool:

    Ok time to shut da hell up...for now. lol

    Blessing to BHW and all the members up in here...Like i said earlier...This place is hot!

    Peace for now fam