D List Celebrity website: Do I need to start over...

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    I currently run an official small-time but rising celebrity website based on a first name that is number one for the first name and used to be number one for the first name and last name. It also used to be ranked for variations of the first name and last name. Since penguin the site is only number one for the first name only and has dropped to number 5 for the first and last name. The variations of the name are either top 50 or out of the top 100.


    It is now outranked by twitter, facebook, linkedin, and the domain's own metatags.

    The site has 17000 or more Scrapeboxed and Xrumered links for various terms because of experiments I did in the past. Those are just the indexed ones. What's more it also has tied to link networks, poorly spun articles, and every other gimmick that worked in the past.

    The domain is over 12 years old and used to be owned by another business before I bought it. I have owned it 3 years.

    The first and last name domain is available. It has never been used.

    www (.)FirstnameLastname(.)com

    Should I just stick with the first one and wait out the penguin situation or should I purchase the Firstname and Lastname domain and rebrand?

    The person I am running it for is okay with any changes I make, so I am just trying to do what is best for the brand name in the near and long term future. What do you guys think?
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    It seems the penalty you suffered is only minor. I would keep the existing domain and simply switch your backlink strategy over to something more strategic.