CyrusVirus - is he back? He's stalking me!

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    CyrusVirus is stalking me :(

    I was in my facebook when suddenly I saw this guy by the name "Anthony ______" (removed for anonymity) in the "People You May Know" box.. I was like, "who in the world in this?"

    After looking through his details, I got a strong feeling he is CyrusVirus.
    The facebook's username he has includes CYRUS.
    In the facebook profile, he states that he is the CEO of FooGetINC.

    I did a search on that and found a youtube profile page which links back to

    I did a WHOIS and found this:

    The email address confirms he is CyrusVirus because I did order his blog commenting service before and he uses that.

    So I guess he doesn't want to clear his name in BHW? :(

    P.S: I didn't put his facebook profile url and full name for his anonymity.
    His FB account looks new as he has only added 7 friends.
    Damn, I hope he clears his name as he seems to be a good guy.

    P.P.S: To service providers, please do not check out your client's facebook profile! It feels as if I'm caught by you while I was jerking off.
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