Customize the header and footer for my blog

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    I need a professional designer who is able to create fine graphic design.

    First download this zip file:

    Here?s what I need you to customize:

    1.I need you design the header for my blog. The header also includes a logo on the header.

    2.Add a simple footer to fit the style of the header.

    Here is the original look of my blog theme:

    Here?s how we finish the project:

    First, I need you create footer, header, search form graphic and paste on the test.png file in my zip file, and then save as a new png file for me to review.

    After I review and we both agree the design is okey, you send me the PSD file of graphics, and the project will be done.

    Other note:
    1.I favor color are blue+green+white, or red+blue, however, you can test some more color combination.

    2.Here are some design I like:



    4.Show me some of your samples

    PM me for detail
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    I am interested if you haven't got the job completed yet, here is one sample of work. Contact me if you want to see more or are ready to do business.