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    Anyone of you using amazon customer reviews and images from reviews below a product listing?

    I've used amazon reviews in plenty of my "reviews", but clearly indicated them as reviews from buyers and put them in quotation marks.

    I'm not really sure about using customers' images for product images. I mean I surely wouldn't use something when you can someone's face, but an image of a product without people on the picture doesn't seem to be inappropriate to use.

    I've read conflicting opinions on bhw, google serp links and amazon operating agreement. I found parts where amazon forbids using these reviews but elsewhere they suggest using it. I can't provide links atm to these findings.

    I'd prefer to self-host these images because amazon's servers are terribly slow from speed test observations.

    edit 1:
    Mentions using a customer review and forbid altering it
    point 8:
    You will not add to, delete from, or otherwise alter any Content in any way, including by adding additional information (e.g., you may not insert words into a customer review), except that you may resize Content consisting of a graphic image in a manner that maintains the original proportions of the image or truncate Content consisting of text in a manner that does not materially alter the meaning of the text or cause the text to become factually incorrect or misleading.

    point 28:
    You will not display or otherwise use any of our customer reviews or star ratings, in part or in whole, on your site unless you have obtained a link to that customer review or star rating through the Product Advertising API and you comply with the requirements set forth in the License Agreement.

    main agreement:
    point 12

    They reserve the right to basically anything on, so they can dmca you to death if they suspend your account.
    Reservation of Rights; Submissions

    ...and any other intellectual property and technology that we provide or use in connection with the Program (including any application program interfaces, software development kits, libraries, sample code, and related materials). If you provide us or any of our affiliates with suggestions, reviews, modifications, data, images, text,..

    edit 2:
    the reviews I've used are copy pasted, so weren't obtained via the ad api and linked to using their apis. But all pages where reviews have links going to the product page where reviews can be found.

    I prefer not to ask amazon, because I don't need a review of my account.
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