"Customer from Hell" - Small Claims court hassling small businesses owners...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by box0204, Apr 6, 2015.

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    So my uncle owns a small repair shop in NYC and doesn't make millions. He just received a small claims letter today (2015/04 - 6 months later) from the courts from a customer that says: "ACTION TO RECOVER MONIES ARISING OUT OF DAMAGES TO PERSONAL PROPERTY. FAILURE TO PROVIDE PROPER SERVICES, REPAIRS, AND ALSO BREACH OF AGREEMENT." for a claim of $380, technically a new phone. -- It was a $80 lcd screen repair at that time and he usually gives 30 day warranty on the repair if any of the screens go bad. Obviously this customer is causing trouble for a small shop like this. My uncle runs the shop himself and doesn't have the time to goto courts like this. No doubt the customer is just causing trouble and trying to scare a small business owner to just get a whole new phone. Absolutely absurd. I dont know anything about small claims so this is why I'm posting this for some advice and help. This really pisses me off that people are using the legal systems to do stuff like this to small mom and pop shops.
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    Although no personal experience in this regard, i would probably refund him the amount he paid, not sure why is it a $380 claim if he paid $80?