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    Currently looking for an retailer, who do sell electronic items. As, this will be easy for them to sell at low cost.

    You can Customize with Own Wallpapers to skins at Low Rates. We do have preloaded skins.

    Looking to Customize your Phones, or iPod, or your favourite Laptops, or Tablets? Now you can customize your gadgets at ease way.

    Some of the Features :

    1. Customize and protect your Gadgets
    2. Skins cover the front, back & sides of the Gadgets.
    3. Avoid the bulk of other Cases.
    4. Works with any gadgets or accessories.
    5. Super-thin (less than 1mm) tough scratch protection
    6. Includes the Protection of Skins.
    Now you can get a custom skin to your favourite gadget easily. Here are some of the skins for some gadgets, as i cannot upload, all of the skins. If you pm me with your gadget, i can give sample skins.

    You can design any custom skin, or you can get designs from us from the best wallpapers. If you can provide wallpapers, we do design into skin and provide you.

    The Prices are Different for Each Gadget. If you are a retailer, contact us for bulk discounts. Good Comission and Quality Assured.

    For More Details, Add me at Skype at Digineosales
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