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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by rocknrollchef, Oct 28, 2012.

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    One of my clients is interested in creating a brand channel on YouTube, which is new to me. FY, what I find interesting is how little the sales rep at Google seems to know about all this - pretty f**king astonishing for such a huge, well-funded company. Regardless...

    I'm curious if anywhere here has any knowledge/experience with creating a custom Gadget API for a brand channel, exactly what it can do within the YouTube environment, etc.


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    Yeah so I can tell you how to get one and the basics.

    First of all, to get more information about this you need to talk to one of the adwords sales rep, they are the guys who should know about this.

    Basically this feature is only available for companies who spend more then +50K annually on ads on Youtube (using adwords). If you meet that, then basically you can get a branded youtube channel for free.

    So the best part of a YouTube Branded channel is that you get access to add the custom coding. I have never worked with it myself, but basically it allows you to add javascript & flash to your page. It's very similar to facebook apps, so you create a new tab and create your own app in it. Basically you're free to create almost anything you want within that space. You can also make that tab your homescreen, so when users visit your YouTube profile it's the first thing they see.

    Again, for more info talk to your adwords rep, if your company meets the criteria, you can get one for free and try it out!
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    Not sure if this is still relevant to you, but maybe other people can benefit from this.
    With the introduction of the new YouTube One Channel, a minimum ad-spend is not required anymore. At least not for basic gadgets. Basic gadgets are services that give you an environment in which you can edit your brand channel page yourself. If you want a custom gadget, the requirement is still there.
    For an example of such a gadget have a look at: youtube slash clipsterdemo.

    Hope this helps.