Custom footprint to harvest all the pages of a given website?


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Feb 21, 2008
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Is there a custom footprint to harvest all the pages of a given website?
Thank you
Try Sitemap Scraper Add-On to harvest all pages on Given Website.
Not sure if it is what you are looking for but i recentely posted a extensive list of footprints over here :
Add on to what?

Sitemap Scraper is a Scrapebox Add-on which Harvests all urls from given website's sitemap (.xml or .axd)

How to Use this Add-On?

Open Notepad

Enter the Site's URL in following format

Save it and load it up in Sitemap Scraper Add-On

Make Sure to Select "Deep Harvest" Checkbox and Press Start.

Thats It.

PS: You Need Scrapebox to do this.
I enter "" in the harvester browser, > Custom footprint>Yahoo .

Then I enter "" in the KWs window>Start Harvesting.

"Automatically Remove Duplicate Domains" checked? If so, uncheck it.
Sorry for a dumb question, but this scrapebox add-on just harvests the URL of a given site, correct?

Is there anything that scrapes a site or blogs posts content?
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