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Current XXSEO susceptible platforms, sites and implementation

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by divinci, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. divinci

    divinci Junior Member

    Sep 25, 2007
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    You have full DOM control of a popular niche teen social network (PNTSN)

    Stats (we all know how shite they are) put this PNTSN in the 1M Monthly Uniques (1MMU)

    Stage 1
    MONKEY MONEY! ----------------------------------------------------------
    <CrapDate.info Support>Hi there how can I help you?
    <Money Money>.........................................................
    <Money Money>........///-------->> YO YO YO BR_AAA!!

    <Red5>Hi there, I would like to enquire about your affiliate program.
    <CrapDate.info Support>Hi! Thanks for the info.. Well go here (http://affiliates.crapdatesite.com) and fill out the form :) Paying via ePassport at 1pm EST daily.
    <Red5>Thanks! I look forward to working with you.

    END OF MONKEY MONEY! -------------------------------------------------

    Day : 2
    Date : Tuesday 16/02
    Todays Views : 3000
    Todays Attacks : 30
    Total Views : 3000
    Balance $3

    <"{0}">Well la! $3 from 30! nice :) what you go with in the end? The PM popup? Nice your making some dogh, but keep the focus - SERPS!!!
    <"{0}">Anyway - got you a present...

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