Curious what to look for in a JV?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by bpicks, Jul 1, 2011.

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    I know my skillset and I know what I have is valuable in the sense of a highly lucrative method (proven 4 figure daily bad day low 5 figure day good - not me unfortunately but have actually seen the operation backend and watched sales real time with 99% profit margin).

    My question is how do you go about finding a JV partner without giving it away or getting scammed yourself by someone claiming to have the skills you need but doesn't?
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    Number #1 Ask for the JVs list numbers. Though if the JV is a "super affiliate" with ++ks list then you are at his/her calling.

    You have the product but you don't have the clients. Those with large lists wont send the offer out unless they make more than you.

    But look at it from this point. Go for the big guns and approach them with the offer if when they accept Make sure to have your sales page set up with a subscription page. Now you have a % of their client list to sell to after.

    I'm sure there are other views but....IMHO

    See it as an investment.

    As for finding them....go to the warriors forum..they all go there from time to time.

    my 0.2 cents worth.
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    WarriorsForum is the choice here! Good luck :)