CTR-Boosting in Google Ads | Bringing site to the TOP positions in Google/BIng/Yahoo/Duck Duck Go

Hello everyone, today we will show how the software of the click fraud on your competitors in Google works.

1) We are looking for someone to perform the click fraud, for example, we took one website, we will not show you the domain and keys.

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As you can see, the ad is shown here.
Before the click fraud

2) We launch the wonderful and powerful software on the server in 5 threads (1 thread = 1 proxy), the keys were taken on this topic for 1 domain.
"Requests" are queries in Google for the keywords you have set.
"Clicks" are requests in Google for which a competitor is shown.

Not for all keywords a competitor may appear here, so there may be a difference in the number of queries and clicks.

“Requests” tab

“Clicks” tab

Here you can see the search query, the competitor's domain, the number of clicks on it (1,2,3,4) and the total number of clicks after which the software will automatically exit (3000, entered manually).

You can see more detailed information in the "Log" tab.

“Log” tab

Everything works, we leave the clicker to work, and then do our own part of the trick.

After some time, we check the presence of a competitor.

As you can see there is no competitor. And it won't show up any time soon.)

Additional screenshots of the work report.


3000 clicks is enough to make a competitor stop working)

OUR TELEGRAM: https://t.me/googlewalker

WEBSITE: https://googlewalker.com/

Wow, I'm actually impressed/surprised that this is allowed on BHW—this is the most black hat thing I've seen in ages.

Is it possible that this bot can actually significantly lower the global keyword bid? Have you tested this with metrics?
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