[CRYPTO JOURNEY] From $5.000 to $264.789 in 2024

UPDATE 12.1.2023

Still hadn't bought anything. I hold 10% of my portfolio in $SCRAMBLE and 90% in USDT.

Because of BTC ETF approval, lots of previous cycle "crypto influencers" woke up on Twitter and promoting old, dying coins. It's opportunity there, but it's just not my interest to speculate in that areas.

Waiting in USDT for the next hot narratives. The ones I am especially interested are:

$METIS - "Fees on Ethereum are so high, who's gonna lower them?" narrative
  1. Ethereum L2 with lowest market cap (~550M) compared to it's competitors (Polygon $MATIC at $8.5B and Optimism $OP at $3.6B market cap).
  2. https://twitter.com/danielesesta joined their development of ecosystem - the guy who was responsible for 3 project launches that were colectively worth $9B ($SPELL, $TIME, $MIM)
  3. METIS created 4.6 million METIS ecosytem grand, now worth 4.600.000 x $108 (current price) = ~500M. When Avalanche did $180M grand program, the price of $AVAX went from $10 to $150 in 2021.
$USH (unshETHing) - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/unshething-token - Liquid staking narrative (this is NOT short term speculation, will pay close attention when narrative of liquid staking starts again)
  1. LayerZero will launch soon and it raised ~240M
  2. USH received $400k grand from Arbitrum
  3. - co-founder of LayerZero publickly endorsing the project
Also I am hunting for potential airdrops. As you may know, few airdrops were worth $XX.XXX this year. And all you had to do was around 30 minutes "playing" around with testnet blockchains. These airdrops were:
1. $ENS $18.000
2. $ARB $5.000
3. $TIA airdrop was almost $10.000

Here's another very hyped up project that will launch soon and might distribute a few tokens via airdrop: https://www.satoshivm.io/. All you have to do is play with their testnet (for free). Here're 2 more detailed guides:
1. 2.
Lot's of you asked me what tools I use for analysis, so here they are:
1. Twitter/X - the tricks is to know who to follow, because 95% of "influencers" are scammers who dump on you. I am around for a long time and have built a nice list of "reliable" ones who consistently show a great track record of no scamming and great returns.
2. CoinGecko/CoinMartketCap
3. https://dexscreener.com/ - shows trading info for low cap coins that are yet not on exchanges
4. https://app.cielo.finance/feed and https://t.me/etherdrops_bot for whale's wallets tracking.
5. a few of my own built Google Sheets "trading"/social media indicators
I am someone who actively participates in testnets, but it is really hard to follow the right people, everyone says different things and I am undecided which way to spend effort, I am now focused on berachain and a few game projects, I wish you good luck again.
UPDATE 15.1.2023

My portfolio is at around $5.3k

80% $ETH
10% $DEXIO (https://dexscreener.com/ethereum/0x1aace56916c319b3e937ec8815a76039f2f28f81)

Why I bought $DEXIO? Apple Vision Pro launch is coming in the following days, which might pump AR/Metaverse/VR tokens in the coming days. $DEXIO is sitting at $0.2 right now and around $1.2M market cap. Let's see where it goes.

Meanwhile $METIS is pumping nicely, this might become a $1000 coin in this bull run or even higher. Looking for some dips soon to get in.

I also researched that usually coins/projects with huge VCs bmoney behind them perform the biggest runs. Few projects I added to my watchlists and follow closely are
$SYN (Synapse)
$USH (unshETHing Token)
$ARC (Arc)
$AIPG (Ai Power Grid)
$GENE (GenomesDAO)
$QR (Qrolli)

These are all backed by strong VC money and good connections to exchanges. All have potential to go 10-20x in this bull run when their time comes.

However, the goal is to not marry these bags. My goal is to find opportunities where a short narrative might enable a quick 3-5x flips, until goal is achieved.
UPDATE 15.1.2023 (second)

Converted all my $ETH to $DOJO - it's basically Pancakeswap of Injective ($INJ) with far better tokenomics.

Injective team behind this, huge incentives to push this project.

Suiswap on $SUI reached $40M market cap and $DOJO is sitting at around $12M right now.

They will also launch Launchpad in the coming days.

So now my portfolio looks like this:
80% $DOJO
10% $DEXIO
How and where do you get your information? Also how do you evaluate your coins/tokens?
I have my own wallet tracking and social media tools, so I know where "big" whales move, which coins they buy, when they bridge to another ecosystems, etc.
Keep an eye on Metis/SEI they will likely run hard this bullrun and they at 500M marketcap which is kinda low compared to other L1/L2
Keep an eye on Metis/SEI they will likely run hard this bullrun and they at 500M marketcap which is kinda low compared to other L1/L2
No doubt.

SEI is also strongly backed by VC money, so will get pushed hard. Also Manta, the new L2 by Binance will be pushed hard - it will launch in the coming days.
UPDATE 16.1.2023

Staked all my $DOJO in POOLS.


DojoSwap is to Injective, similar to what:
Pancakeswap ($730M market cap) is to Binance Smart Chain
Uniswap ($5.2B market cap) is to Ethereum Chain

From what I've researched they even have stronger tokenomics and have official backing from $INJ, so it's a relatively "safe play". DojoSwap is not even on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap yet, neither on any of centralised exchanges and it's doing $3.8M volume.

They also offer staking and liqidity pool farming. If someone looks for passive income, that's where you should head to, by staking DOJO-INJ farm. You'll be getting ~1300% APR pretty "safely":

To put that APR to perspective... For 30 days of staking, you'll grow your funds for 180%:
But you can compound daily and earn even more (around 200%). Check at: https://dojo.trading/farms

Is this rate sustainable? Of course NOT, but since this profit farming opportunity is open, let's fucking abuse it.

Fees on $INJ are minimal, compared to $ETH. I am paying around $0.04 for a transaction, meaning around 350-400x less.

If you're interested, you can bridge from other chains via: https://hub.injective.network/bridge/

The wallet on $INJ that everyone uses and is most "safe" is Keplr: https://www.keplr.app/ (works very similarly as Metamask)

Again remember, I am not marrying this coin. I just think it has the most potential within the narratives that people play in this cryptoverse.
When it comes to Crypto, in my experience, the best strategy is buy and hold key proven veteren coins for long term.
Grateful for the incredible crypto journey: $5,000 to $264,789 in 2024. Interested to know more about your journey.
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