Crqaigslist phone verified accounts: How to get some free.


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Feb 8, 2008
This method requires a little bit of physical work but it works for me.

If you need a few 'emergency' CL phone verified accounts and can't buy any because you are short on cash or whatever the reason you can:

1. Find your 10-20 'nearest' payphones
2. Take your laptop for a walk/drive (or crack 'secured' signals)
3. Connect to open WIFI signals
4. Open CL Account
5. Get your verification screen
6. Input the 'payphone' number
7. Get verified

Rinse & repeat

Or you can also build your own VOIP phone system like I did after I got tired of walking all over the place.

If this helps you a few 'thanks' are always greatly appreciated.
Correct but they only have list of numbers of the major VOIP players. Little homebrew phone systems can get by :)
there is a funny youtube video showing you two guys going out on a drive and hitting a shit load of payphones, this definitely works :)
Yeah i done the payphones for all 60 of the accounts i have when they first came out with phone verification
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