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The seller is as usual very friendly and has good info about the work. Authoritative forums and boards were utilized to establish links with the correct anchor text, strategically placed within relevant threads and discussions. The posts exude authenticity and do not resemble random spam. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse this service for anyone seeking top-notch Crowdo links.


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I was lucky to get three links as a review copy.

The links are from high-DR (53, 48, 86), high-traffic forums; all links use different anchors and are placed naturally in the text.

As a buyer of Stan's services, I highly recommend this service for diversifying the link profiles of both the inner pages and the home page.
Review time:

1Link1 - follow74916176178,101,311
2Link2 - follow858046198,800,000
3Link3 - no follow897547517,318,019

As always crowdo has solid work and legit content on very relevant pages. Worthy of the price

Cheers :)
Received a review copy:
- 3 blog comments to real blog posts
- Blog sites are generic blog with real traffic
- Blog Comment is readable and niche related
- Communication with OP is fast
- Metrics are good
Great service for this price point!
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