Crossing the bridge to truly scaling your operation, combining offline/online, full time

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    I feel like I'm reaching a crossroads with the IM stuff. I'm at the point where I can seo and rank my sites, monetize, etc. but to really scale up I am going to have to let go and start outsourcing, especially content creation/article writing. This has probably been my biggest obstacle, because I am reluctant to use outsourced writers. At this point though I really ought to stop my subscriptions for various tools, and outsource the whole thing - content creation, ongoing SEO, etc. and focus on concepts/ideas/publicity.

    Anyway, lately I've been tempted to make a go of it full time. Incorporate and go for it. I would need to be generating substantial revenue right off the bat to replace my income though and get it to a gross of $250k/yr revenues or so at a minimum. That sounds like a lot but depending on the type of services I focus on selling up front it wouldn't take much to get there. A couple of mobile app dev contracts and some SEO contracts could generate that.

    My strategy so far has been to continue building a portfolio of micro niche sites, and look to build services as a way to build a base of reliable monthly subscription revenue, and then branch out from their and offer offline services on top of it. I have a couple of ideas for subscription based services but I've mostly been focusing on building my mobile solution first.

    The alternative is I have a couple of authority sites, one of which I could focus on and try to build it up into a media business in its own right and generate advertising revenue. Its got the potential but to do it right would require full time commitment and about 6 months to really get going. But I've mostly been thinking that the first strategy would enable the second one because it would enable me to hire full time writers, graphic designers, etc.

    The problem is to do this is a huge mental leap. Then I gotta worry about health insurance, business insurance, taxes, payroll, etc. etc. But by the same token, there is never a perfect time right? If you just do it then you are forced to just do it but what if it doesn't work or takes a long time to generate business. I was thinking I could sell mobile application development services as a way to generate revenue right off the bat, but I don't know how much demand there really is for that. Everybody talks about it, but are people really willing to pay?

    I don't know, maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I guess the low-risk way to do it is to just keep slowly growing it on the side, get my mobile service launched, get my e-product launched, and wait until the revenue matches or exceeds my normal income. But part of me wonders if you just make the leap and jump right in, could it grow faster. Sink or swim theory. But what if you sink.

    One of the things I was going to do is incorporate anyway just to have a shell to use. And then take some advice from other threads on BHW and throw up a bunch of landing pages for various services (feeder sites) and invest a little bit in some online marketing / media buys etc. and start generating leads and see what kind of interest there is.

    I really would be much happier in life if I could do this full time and build it up. I don't have enough free time to properly maintain my full portfolio of sites and it is slowing me down.