Critique my "White Label Empire" idea

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    I've spent the past two weeks or so doing something I haven't done in a long time - making a complete business plan that covered all of my IM activities and focusing on how a WhiteHat would go about things. :angel:

    At first I sat down and made a list of niches and planned methods, then I sat down and ruthlessly crossed out every single thing that even remotely resembled anything that I had tried and failed at before, ranging from methods to tools and niches. I took into consideration the tools I have and the time I have, and (to make a long story short) - instead of running with "niches" and traditional backlinking I decided to target entire industries with a massive network of cross-linked 100% monetized sites. The idea I'm running with is to dominate the SERPS of a few industries by building a massive network of monetized sites (each site will have a potential revenue stream), white label sites, ecommerce sites, mini sites, feeder sites, linkfarms, article-writer profiles, web 2.0 profiles, self-hosted directories and self-built link exchanges/top-lists, modified linkwheels and monetized linkfarms (I'm planning on using Linkfarm Evolution farm-sites to link to my sites and to also direct link to related affiliate offers, so all click-throughs are potential revenue for me). All of the sites are monetized and somehow connected and the connections are built gradually. For example let's suppose I want to target something like "the Gambling Industry"... I'm using gambling as an example because it is something I researched and it is understandable, but I decided not to run with it.

    As an example of how to use white label sites, (White Label = sites that are run by a service provider but you use your own brand name) I could build a white label casino, white labelled poker room, white labelled bookmaker/betting service, white label bingo site, forums for each one, authority blogs for each one, directory sites, review sites, e-book stores, amazon stores, ebay stores, dropshipping/ecommerce sites, authority sites, linkwheels focusing on individual products, affiliate sites, linkfarms/profiles/blog comments for each site, and then connect every one of my sites (or most of them) in an organized manner so that all of the backlinks are fully monetized sites and have related target keywords.

    I estimated how long it would take me to do this on one particular industry and it came out to about 7 months of 8 hour days (5 days a week), and I will need to give up eating out so that I can buy one domain each day. I chose my particular industry because it will allow me to focus on niches within the industry as well as do geo-targeting and then I can connect the niche sites and geo-targeted sites. I think my idea is solid because it allows me to begin generating revenue with each and every site. The only problem I can see is the potential for some sites to become "bad neighborhoods" - so I might avoid setting up a link exchange, or I might limit the so-called link exchange site or "industry directory" to only having my affiliate links and links to my own sites.

    Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome and invited. I'm getting things organized today, then basically shutting myself in and starting tomorrow mroning.
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    I liked overall idea except i have some reservations about link farm, basically i keep distance from them... It seems you have done your homework and you are going on right path... I don't think you left anything in your plan.... I believe you will be spreading your site on different C class ips to take full advantage of link juice because of inter connection between them...

    Good Luck and hope your White Label Empire will soon be profitable....