Creative ways how to get accepeted

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    I dont want you to "abuse" this rather to come up with another twists.

    Few months back I found interesting aff. site.
    Offers for my country, nice site which differs from others....
    I was used to classic registration forms with not much info to ask, classic stuff. But those guys wanted alot of info, social profile, pictures of ID, proof of payments , aff manager contact to kinda of verify you or w/e. I knew I m kinda of screwed since I made few dimes in aff since I dont enjoy it atm.

    For ID verification I took 2 ID pics and one extra with paper where was time and date, me holding id, and me holding id next to monitor on theyr site. Not 100% sure but for money proof or another proof I took pictures of me logged on aff. sites, cropped just important info(username logo etc) put it together to smaller image. In 1-2 days aff manager contacted me and told me that they were very amused by my reg. form and told me they like people like me. Side convo around form etc and accepted very kindly.
    By differing from others you will for sure shine.
    In my opinion they wanted to scare off a bit people with poor performence but then I show creative side so idk.

    Your funny stories or tips for people who are having trouble with this?