CREATIVE? I WTB 5-10 Animated GIF Banners for each of my verticals

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    I need 5-10 animated banners for testing in the ED market. These will be 300x250 and contain NO text. These are for "from around the web" stories that often appear after articles. Here's an example of the format:

    The difference is mine will be animated gifs so we can do MUCH more to capture people's attention.

    I want to test a variety of ideas and am looking for somebody creative who can make HIGH impact animations. Lots of color contrast and I want to evoke lots of "wtf is that?" type moments.

    I want to try some "aggressive", "provocative" and "weird" ideas, but also some very tame and mild illustration-based ideas. Important to leave the tip of the penis out from all of these. Trying our best to keep things tasteful.

    Below is a gallery link to a couple of static images I've used with success (I've sold millions of dollars of info-product ebooks in this vertical and these my "tried-and-true" creatives). Maybe some of these images will give you a better idea of what I'm looking for in these GIFs.

    Instead of designing the animations from scratch, I really need a creative person to help with finding and looping clips from videos like this:

    (ex. from 0:47-0:51)

    or this:

    or finding and modifying existing gifs (here are some extreme WTF examples, but I like the shock factor in some of these):

    I would also like to have a number of diabetes & herpes GIFs if we have success with a project like this.

    Budget $50-150 depending on the quality of work and creativity involved.

    Feel free to PM or contact me on Skype to get started. ID = spectromx5
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    Hi, interested.. added you on skype.