Creating websites for Small Business? Best approach?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by halifax123, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Hello blkhtrs!

    I'm about to start creating website for small business, and consumers

    I'm completely new to making sites for others, although I have made a number of them for myself. I will be using templates and simply supplanting the existing information and images, with those supplied by potential customers.

    This is my first venture and so I'm trying to determine the best approach or advice, and what type of checklist do you use?.

    Are there any pitfalls that I should avoid? and if so how?

    thanks for any direction or help

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    Get some coders out of India or Pakistan. They will do the job upfront then ask for payment.
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    Make sure the entire site has all its content finalized before working on it. You don't want to keep adding a page a day until the customer is happy. Map all the pages you need beforehand.
    Also, don't be afraid to tell a customer to gtfo. Some are not worth the time if they take up alot of yours.
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    I would prefer Pakistani Free Lancers!
    They are professional and efficient as compared to other freelancers I hired.
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    You MUST establish yourself as the authority when it comes to website design. If not, your customers will roughshod over you. They will have you making frivolous time consuming changes that cost you valuable time and bring in very little revenue if any at all.

    By establishing yourself as a web design authority, you set the stage to let them know; there are two ways you can build a website for them. Let them know:

    (a). I can build a website for you the client! Tell them that they will be pleased with every aspect of the website. But then let them know, in no uncertain terms, that if you build the website for them, it will surely fail! It will get little to no traffic and the traffic that it does get, will not convert. Let them know that although they will be happy with their new website, their potential customers will despise it and consequently, they will quickly hit the Red X in the top right hand corner of their great looking website.

    Then, tell them this:

    (b). I can build your website for customers! Let them know that you know their clients because you specialize in building websites for, (restaurants, day cares, dentists, lawyers or whichever niche you are targeting). Let them know that you build websites specifically to attract and then convert their potential customers into paying clients. Drive the point home that if they want a nice looking website that has a low conversion rate, they can order a website from YellowPages, AT&T, Wix,, Yahoo or any one of the companies that spit out poor performing websites.

    You need to persuade them that you are the AUTHORITY in this matter and by following your advice, they will end up with a website that generates traffic and converts that traffic into paying clients.

    When I'm targeting new clients, I hit them with my XX amount of critical elements that every: restaurant, day care, dentist or lawyer website or whichever niche I'm are targeting, must have to generate and convert traffic. Once I hit them with that list, they KNOW I am the authority on building websites for their niche!

    I also hit them with a list of things that kill a restaurant, day care, dentist or lawyer website or whichever niche I'm are targeting. That way, they are not going to come back and ask me to put this or that on their website because I'm the authority and I already told them that what they are requesting will kill their traffic and/or conversions.

    The primary point being, convince them that you are the AUTHORITY in this matter and that the site that you design, exactly like you designed it, is what's going to work. You convince them that any deviation from your site design and they are going to have diminished results.

    Take that approach and clients are not going to waste their time or yours.
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