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    I have a new site that I am promoting with several main keywords that are each going to require a campaign involving a link pyramid and web 2.0's. I have a few easy questions and I'll greatly appreciate if someone could give me some pointers.

    1. Spun content. Say I spin an article 50 times. Would it be okay to have 50 properties each with one version, even if there are other articles on the site, or is that a footprint? What about posting 3 spun versions of the same article for one web 2.0 property?

    2. How much content is required to look natural and not cause penalties? Could you just post 1 article per web 2.0?

    3. What if I had a web 2.0 with 3 articles on various aspects of the same main keyword, each linking back to my money site? Are multiple backlinks to your money domain okay, or even beneficial?

    4. Say I have my web 2.0, with 3 articles on different aspects of my keyword. If I spun this content, and created 30 more 2.0's each with the same 3 articles, but spun, will this result in a penalty?

    tl;dr: Basically I just need to understand how similar spun content is viewed across several 2.0's, if multiple links towards your money site on the same property are okay, the minimum amount of content, and if content on the same site/all sites can be closely related or even the same spun version.
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    This how I do it! I create 3-4 unique articles which are then highly spun (spun on the word and sentence level). These artciles are all readable and of good quality. I use one spun version on each property, so that is 3-4 articles on each web 2.0. I add an image or video to each post and I interlink my posts (internal links) as I will do on my main site.

    I do not do more than 3 links to my money site and I do not use the same anchor more than once. Thereafter I blast each pages on the web 2.0 property with different types of links. This works really well for me!
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    i cant answer all of your questions, but as far as i know its ok if you only have 1 post per web2.0. otherwise its also ok to have web2.0 with like 10 posts where all have 1 link to your money site. I would keep it below 10 posts.
    1 link in the first paragraph of each post should be enough, the key is anchor diversity. But i think you know that already :p
    i would create 10 web2.0 with unique articles and for each high quality web2.0 i would create 50 highly spun web2.0 from the unique article used in the first tier.

    some people swear that unique posts will improve the rankings. others have the opinion that spun posts do aswell.
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    I actually manually write all my web 2.0s. But I'm a touch typist and I can knock out a 400 word article in about 5 minutes! I usually add 3 posts. Leave them a couple of days then go back and add my backlink post and another post or 2. I keep them random. Some short, some long, some videos, some pictures, some ezinearticles, whatever. Just keep it random. I also go back and login and add some new content every month or so because some sites close the account if it's inactive.

    I agree with the above post. The jury is out on spun/original content. But this works for me. It actually takes me a long time to spin an article because I find it so mind numbingly boring that I easily get sidetracked and don't actually do anything! I find it much more productive and quicker to manually write my tier 1s. For Tier 2s, I use high quality, spun and readable content. Tier 3s +, still very spun, but auto spun. Seems to do OK for me. I do this for sites I'm trying to make last a few years!

    For other sites, I just spam the hell out of them. Works just as fine, but a lot more temporary!
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    we post minimum 3-4 articles in tier 1 web 2.0 and spun content in tier 2 ...