creating multiple profiles with Senuke and not sure how should i be linking them?

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    Hi Everyone,

    i am creating my first strategy with Senuke and i have a Social Network Project for each leg of my strategy.

    i currently have four legs to it and i plan to create a profile manually for each leg as buffers to my money site.

    however when it comes to linking them a am a bit lost with how best to use the Account creation project.

    i currently have 1 account creation project that then links into the forum profile account creation project and then into my Social Network 1-4.

    if i want a separate profile for each leg, will i need to create 4 account creation and forum profile projects to link into their separate social networks projects? and will run them all at the same time, so i get four legs running separately instead of all 4 legs running off of 1 account creation.

    i believe they are running separately after the account creation anyway as i am not using any interlinking on this strategy.

    or do i have it totally wrong and it will overload the software and crash?

    i have attached an image below showing one of the four legs.

    Thanks Martin

    First Strat.jpg