Creating EPN Accounts Using Corporations Guide

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    Why is this helpful? Lets just assume for one reason or another you do not have a SSN or your SSN has been banned from use, or you need multiple accounts ;) (Be warned: EPN only allows one account and any accounts banned is a permanent ban from EPN, use at your own discretion)

    Here is the information I have collected so far, there are some holes where I am still lacking information. Any additional information/critiques/advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Step 1- Creating a Corporation
      1. Choose a Corporate Name & Address: Have a corporate name search performed to ensure you are unique and have no trade mark problems in the future. You can search here:
      2. Select A State to Incorporate: Setting up a corporation will be easier and cheaper in your home state than out of state.
      3. Select A Corporation Type: Determine the best type of corporation for your business--LLC, S corporation or C corporation. More info here:,,id=98359,00.html
      4. Determine Company Directors: Directors of the company and positions will have to be filed within the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
      5. Choose Your Share Type:Corporations can issue common and preferred stock. Select the best for your situation.
      6. Obtain Certificate of Incorporation: Available from local State office or business retailer.
      7. Process & File Incorporation: Your incorporation can be completed by a lawyer or a do-it-yourself kit. Finally, file your incorporation with a Registered Agent. You can do this online with companies like LegalZoom for around $99:

    • Step 2- Create an EIN
      1. What is an EIN? This is a tax ID number to identify your business. It is basically the same thing as a SSN but for a business instead of yourself.
      2. Applying for an EIN can be done online at:,,id=102767,00.html

    • Step 3- Creating a new address
      1. You will want a separate address that has not been used before. The easiest way that I know of is to simply create a PO Box. They range about $20 for a 6 month term for a small one.
      2. Find a PO Box near you at:

    • Step 4- Creating a new bank account
      1. Using your EIN you can create a separate business bank account for each corporation at your local bank.

    • Step 5- Account Creation/Management Safety.
      1. Delete all cookies before logging in
      2. Do not use the same IP addresses
      3. Whether they can detect proxies and look down on them, I do not know. If you have dynamic addresses and can change every time, that would be good. If you can simply use a different computer/internet source such as a friends house or internet cafe that would be the best option.

    • Step 6- Creating the EPN Account
      1. Sign up at:
      2. Click join now, accept terms, and click continue
      3. Email address- create a unique email address. I would suggest buying a cheap .info domain and using an email account off that just to stay 100% away from anything.
      4. Password- create a unique password ONLY good for this account.
      5. First name- I do not know, please help if you do.
      6. Last name- I do not know, please help if you do.
      7. Phone number- I do not know, please help if you do.
      8. Company name- Your corporate name you registered in step 1
      9. Address line 1- Address of your PO Box
      10. City- Address of your PO Box
      11. Country- Address of your PO Box
      12. State- Address of your PO Box
      13. Zip/Postal code- Address of your PO Box
      14. Business type- Company
      15. Primary business model- Be honest about it
      16. Submit your application

    • Step 7- Taxes
      1. The best place to find out about this is:
      2. There are simply too many different things and I am in no way an expert on the subject. The easiest thing to do is to hire your own CPA to get it done right for you. They are kind of expensive, but well worth saving the trouble in my book.

      If anyone can tell me how they handled the issue with the first/last name and phone number, that would be greatly appreciated. Ive been leeching this great forum for a while now gaining knowledge, so hopefully this guide can help someone and I can give back a little.
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    Make up a name and phone number... EPN might call, but you should preempt them by calling and following up your application. Or try Pepperjams EPN programme.
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    The phone number isn't really a problem, its more then name. Im worried that it will show up on whatever tax forms they end up sending me and don't want to get messed up there.
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    Get a family member's name. Tell them what you're doing, and include them in the corp.

    The money's all going to the corp anyways, so you'll be paying taxes on the corp and not on the individual. Am I correct?

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    I believe you can get an EIN for any type of business. For the second question, contact uptownbulker and get an anonymous corporation from Kansas.
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    Student @ UND
    Kind of but not really, You pay taxes at the corporate level first, and then you are taxed on a personal level (Hence Name: Double taxation) Thats why id rather make a LLP, but sweet thing about taxes in general is you are exempt from taxes on "Business expenses" and can write-off so many things car, taking "clients" out to lunch, buying a new "computer" for your possibilities are endless

    But if your making under i think $50,000USD its like 15% not sure about the personal tax after that...

    Edit: You can purchase EIN #'s for like $29.00 and theres a small processing fee..
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    And where can this EIN be purchased?
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    I was wondering the same thing
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    maybe buying one epn is a good choice..:)
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    ??? Why are you buying EIN's? They are free on the IRS website?