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Apr 7, 2010
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Hi guys,
Today i was trying to create blogs on MU WP sites on authority domains (example of signup page:

I did 5 attempts with 5 different sites and the result was the same:
"sorry, your email is not allowed".

I tried 5 different emails, including a corporate one - all clean, not associated with spam or anything... Same result.

Ca anybody elaborate on it? How to get through the gate and what is the problem?
Not sure but it seems like a bug (google search: " wordpress Please check your email address.")

I can't post links yet so you'll have to google it yourself.
If everyone is able to start edu and gov blogs, it will completely devalue these links
Most of the time .edu sites will expect edu emails or they keep it for their own students and teachers...

I saw a thread in BH explaining how to make .edu email and how to create blogs on it... I am unable to find it, may be some one else will point out....
I think your email has to be a .edu. Think there is a site somewhere offering these, can't remember where I saw it though, search the forum.
tries to search for this, suzieq, can't find it... hm.. if anyone can point to it, that would be great.
Most universities now require that the email address you use to sign up for these WPMU blogs be not only an edu email address, but an edu address of said university. I have access to an edu address from an ivy league university, and once upon a time it allowed me to create blogs at other universities....the number of blogs under my control has unfortunately been slowly whittled away :(
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