Creating Affilate offer - Can u please give me some advice.

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    i'm sick of being someone who promotes other people products. So i want to jump on that train. Till now i have 0 experience in creating my own affilate offer. I know what i need to provide etc., since i am doing CPA and promoting affilate products now for quite some time. But i have so much questions. And i rarely, that means i never see a post on BHW about creating your own offers etc..

    So i thought to ask you guys about your experience, earnings, advices when it comes to this topic.

    Have you ever thought about creating you own affilate product?

    How much did you earn with you own affilate product.

    How did you promote you own affilate product? What Affilate networks?

    Clickbank( 0 experience with that) ? Is it different to CPA stuff?(I guess it's about selling a product and not just action)

    Have you ever heard about Freeletics? (They inspired me to create my own affilate product, because in order to make their app they sold fitness guides and made 500k in their first year with 0 audience(i believe promoting with affilate)

    What do i have to know about possible dangers when it comes to paying my affilates? I mean it is a win win situation i just pay when i receive the money.

    I am completly confused and would really appreciate any "guru" who could give me some advice.