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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bebis, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Peter. I've been involved with blackhat SEO for along time. I, as most of you, have used almost every tool/software/service that was released during the last 10 years.

    Back in the old days you could rank almost anything and without spending a fortune. Nowadays SEO is quite complicated and less rewarding. We spend money on dedicated proxies, on captcha solving services, on buying linklists and for paying monthly fees for the tools that we use. We spend a great amount of money (most of it as a recurrent monthly fee) and we just hope to rank. Some years back, you didn?t just hoped, you were absolutely sure that you will get a decent ranking if you don?t overdo it with the optimization.

    I believe that I describe a situation familiar to everyone that reads this. I still believe in blackhat SEO, but it isn?t so easy and cheap that it used to be.

    The last 15 months I have started designing a web based SEO platform that will put aside all those costs. I have finalized the documentation of the platform and the GUI. To me more precise, I have created very detailed screens of the different sections of the platform. These aren?t just generic blueprints, they are very detailed and self-explanatory and to the hands of the right developer are more than enough to lead from scratch to the final product without reading lengthy documents and without backs and forths between him and me.

    The problem is that my experience with PHP is a bit limited. I tried to outsource the creation of this platform to but unfortunately I wasn?t lucky. Many have placed a bid to my project, fewer have actually read the specifications, and even fewer seemed to have the skills. The result? More than a year wasted.

    Dear friends I would like your advice. What should I do? I have a lot of faith to this project. I have spend numerous hours in designing the GUI of the platform and I would like to see it completed. The real problem is that my budget is limited and I can?t afford a world class developer, that is why I struggle with outsource communities.

    Is it better to create this project as a joint venture? If yes, could you point me where should I look for prospective partners? Are there any developers between us that are interested in such a project?

    I welcome all your thoughts.

    Thank you for your time.
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    The problem is: everything is changing so frequently, that it is not enough to just build the platform. You will need to keep (maybe full time) developer to keep it all updated. Think API's, service algos, etc etc.