Creating a paid links marketplace.

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    hello all, for a while now I wanted to create a paid links marketplace.

    Through my years of SEO, I've noticed that google gives LOADS of serp boost to pages that get high pr links with the appropriate anchor text. I used to do link exchanges and got massive results from doing it. If you get enough high pr links with the right anchor text you can rank high FOR ANY KEYWORDS, regardless of competition. We all saw the results that JC penny got from buying links. In terms of return on investment, paid links are absolutely the way to go. People trust organic results more than paid advertisements.

    I've searched extensively for a paid link marketplace and haven't found anything serious or advanced. The best i've found is some buy/sell/trade forums but its nothing compared to what I am looking for. Basically I want to build something that is similar to ebay. A place where you can auction your pr 1+ links off and or buy high pr links.

    I originally started the idea awhile ago but abandoned it when google stopped updating their toolbar PR for about a year. However, recently they updated it again so PR is back in the game, and a result buying/selling links based on google PR is back as well.

    Would you guys be interested in a site like the one I suggested (a paid links auction market)? I want to also add advanced privacy features to prevent buyers/sellers from getting their sites penalized (since google doesn't like buying/selling links). It would probably be an invite only website for link sellers.

    I already have the domain/host lined up so I could probably build the site in a weeks time and launch it but I only want to do it if people are actually interested in such a site.
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