Creating a new BH hosting company in china, need advice

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by urbanzen, May 31, 2010.

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    Hello Blackhatters.

    Instead of putting my money in the bank, I was thinking about the advantages of me living in china, and how to exploit my position in this god-forsaken country (considering that i'm going to be stuck here for another 10 years). And since the rules are so lax in China, so I thought, why don't I start up a blackhat hosting company here!

    This was just my initial thought over the weekend, when I was pondering what kind of investment I should go into, now that my sourcing-dropshipping of cheap china crap is established. Please note that I have no experience whatsoever on hosting. I am however hardware savvy and that's it. However, manpower is aplenty in China, and I'm able to hire expertise in where I'm lacking.

    For those of you that have experience in starting up a dedicated server company, can you share your experience of pitfalls and stumbling blocks of this business?

    My initial thought is to acquire office space in a T2 line, and fill the room with rack. The servers would mostly host xrummer related server tools or torrents (all non porn, incest related material. Gambling is okay).

    Please share your thoughts and input with me.