Creating a clickbank site, have few questions


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Mar 6, 2010
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Hi, guys.
I am in a process of creating a site for a clickbank product. This is my first serious attempt, and I want it to succeed (after many,many failed attempts)
The site is being made by a good web-design studio. They already have the design ready , and now it is in a stage of becoming a web-site. I have done all homework in googling/reading "how to increase conversion" articles. But I still want to hear advice from somebody experienced in this area.
If you have the time (few minutes,really) - please tell me how to contact you (skype/icq/msn/email).

I won't leech to you, but ask several prepared questions, ask for your opinion, and will thank you :)

Thank you :)
Why not ask your questions here in the forum?

This way others might benefit from the discussion and you might get a better response.
What do you do for better conversion?
I have found a research, that claims , that human faces on website enlarge conversion.
Except this, people always advice to have
*Fast load times
*"call for action" buttons and sayings.
*"Breaking the template" information ("What you've known is false , and this is why...")
*Using simple colors,having much white space
*Putting important (such as "buy" button) things in the bottom right, since we read left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

-Are there more tips in this matter?
-Is it good/bad to write/not to write price of the product in the page?

Clickbank specific
-Is there a *clickbank approved* way of sending user straight to "Buy" page , skipping the salesperson? I suppose, I already have done enough persuading, no?

-Third one is the reason I wanted a private conversation - I wanted to ask for an example of successful site, and to show my design for an experienced eye criticism.

Thank you.
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Those are some decent general tips, but you don't necessarily need all of them (example faces), and something different may fit your template better (where the buy button goes for example).

You can send the user straight to the cart, but I don't know if clickbank cares or not. You should test and might find the merchant sales page converts better. I would put the price on the page if linking to the cart, but not if linking to the merchant sales page.
All right, thank you.
Seems like I am going to try this soon enough
I am having about 30 hops per order form impression, and 0 sales yet.
Is it normal hops per order form?
You can read a detailed post about how to make a direct link to payment page that will still track your referrals in this post: ClickBank Affiliate Tip: Direct Link To Checkout.
Here's the basics though, use this code...
There's 4 things you need to edit in that link:
  • YOURID which is your ClickBank ID
  • MERCHANTID the merchant?s ClickBank ID
  • ProductNumber
  • ProductName
Go check that post if you need more detailed instructions.

As far as checking out examples of successful sites, you could try searching keywords in google and then look in the top results to see if any affiliates pages are there. You can learn a lot by just doing that.
GreyWolf : Do you know, whether it was tested, and it works?
marcus918700 : An e-book.
GreyWolf : Do you know, whether it was tested, and it works?
Yeah it works, or at least it used to. Things change all the time. A few years ago hoplinks were built completely different, but the instructions I listed above are the most recent. Don't just take my word for it though. Get the info you need to build the link right. Set yourself up a temp page with the link on it. Clear your cookies and then visit your temp page and click on the link. Make sure you land on the correct payment page and that your ref code is the one listed. Pretty easy to just test it yourself. :cool:
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