Hi, can you tell me what the difference is between your plugin and WP Automatic?
please send me a sample site that is currently using
PM sent.

do you have a sample output?
PM sent.

Do I need to get an additional plugin for TLDR as mentioned in the Video or Newsomatic can do TLDR automatically
Newsomatic has TLDRThis support, no other plugin needed.

Hi, can you tell me what the difference is between your plugin and WP Automatic?
Newsomatic is focused on news posts, if you want to build a news site, it is a great option, as it can import content from any of the sources listed here: https://newsomaticapi.com/sources - no need to know their RSS feeds or their URLs, simply select the source from a list and the plugin gets content from it. You can filter news by keywords, countries, languages or specific news sources.
Newsomatic has most of the features available also in WP Automatic, plus some news related features like royalty free image usage for post featured images, TLDRThis API integration, JavaScript rendered content scraping using HeadlessBrowserAPI and some more smaller features.
Can you please add the other new languages that are available on Google translate?
Hi, I would like a sample site and a coupon, please.
Hi, do you plan add Copyscape check with api before publish a post?

Thanks, if there is any discount now, please send me pm, I would try this plugin on my news site. Im very impressed by the quality of Deepl translations.
do you provide custom work to setup new website?
do you build the autoblog site for the customer?
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