Create New SB accts for each niche?

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    hey bhters!

    I'm confused about creating accts for linking purposes
    (I mean accts on SB sites; digg, delicious, twitter, reditt..etc...and web directories..etc.,.)

    I'm making sites for different niches, I'm starting out with a handful of sites, but will increase as time transpires.... most are in completely unrelated fileds and niches

    If I may ask you a question roomies;

    as I start SEO and creating links to everything from SB sites, to web directories, to articles directories etc., should I create different accts at each of these places for each different niche that I'm creating a link for?
    (example, if I created an acct on facebook and reddit to link back to for one website I have, let's say it's about "sports" should I then create a second account on facebook and reddit if the other site I want to link back to is a about "beauty supplies" ?)

    is there something I should be considering and is it wise?

    Thank ya roomies!

    Hali~! :)
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