Create new personnal account for different country how to get more fback

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    I started a new account where i'll only speak english (im french and live in france) i create that account cuz i will probably gonna live in LA in few month im young (18yo) and i just wanna do some friends via twitter before moving, so i posted some tweets and followed some accounts (around 130 girls and 20 boys) but only 2 followed me back :D:D
    i dont know if follow mass is good cuz i will probably appear like a nolife and i dont like that
    So my question is
    how to get more follow back ? (and how to avoid to seems to be clumsy ?)

    (bad english fot the moment sorry)

    EDIT : i forgot, i also want to THE girl to follow me to dm her, i havent follow her account yet (cuz i dont want no follow back i want she to follow me first haha) but idk how to exhibit my account for her (i followed alot of her following)
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