Create CL PVA accounts, anyone can do it?


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Nov 7, 2008
Ok, I never personally used CL, but I'm beginning to thinking about using it considering the resources I currently have for automated ewhoring.

As I was thinking about it I thought, I see dozens of new posts each day on every IM related forum that I'm a member, including BHW, about people wanting to purchase CL PVAs, so I thought, maybe I could just make a service reselling them, of course I have no idea on how does the other CL resellers got their accounts first hand.

I have currently a considerable amount of money that I can invest in making CL accounts, I do not wish to be the middle man, what I want is to create the accounts myself or via any outsourcing method and resell them at their normal prices.

I am from Europe if that influences my wishes in any way.

Post here or PM me, I'm looking forward for all points of view on this.

so you want us to tell you how to make the accounts?

When you put it that way, I guess I do, I can understand the principle behind creating Gmail accounts and whatnot, but when it comes to CL it has always struck me how do you guys are able to do it, I mean, afaik, CL can't be verified by any VoIP service, ans since I seriously doubt that all the CL PVA resellers are driving in their cars through the US and verifying each account when they find a paid phone, it is clear to me that they are getting them through somekind of blackhat internet method, this method probably requires some considerable initial investenment, which I can cover, and since afaik the demand for CL accounts completely overshadows all the resellers combined, the sharing of this method wouldn't put anyone out of business.

So yes, to answer your question, quite frankly, I am indeed asking how can I make them myself.
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