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    The following site allows you to create a little commercial for your website. After you create it, you can pay to publish it and you can even pay to promote it to other sites, BUT I do NOT do this. There is no option for downloading the commercial which would force you to pay to publish the commercial. I found a way around this.

    Step 1: If your using firefox, get the DownloadHelper plug-in.
    step 2: Go to hxxp:// (http*)
    step 3: Sign-up, and create your commercial
    step 4: Do NOT publish unless you want to pay. Simply play your commercial or preview your commercial and when the commercial is finished playing, go to download helper, download the .flv file I think it is.
    step 5: You now have the commercial downloaded for free. You can now upload it to Youtube, or do whatever you want with it.

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