Crazyflx signature?


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Jan 25, 2010
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Well I wanted to know about crazyflx sig
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I did pm him but i guess he did not read it?
Has anyone purchased it and how much is it for?
If u are reading this crazyflx can u pls answer, thanks.
Sorry Vicky, I've gotten about a million PM's...I still have more to read.

Future reference, this does belong in the lounge. Anyway, to answer your question:

It isn't a "service" it's an "item".

I sold 3 lists, those stats are the for last two lists combined.

It was for Jr. VIP's only.

They were fairly priced.

They all sold out same day they were posted.

I hope that helps!
How much was the price and I never said it was your service i mentioned clearly it was crazyflx's!(Signature not service, I never mentioned service i knew it was a list) And as for noob, i am a registered member for last 8 months with more than 200 post, i thought that posting in this sec would be right as it is somewhat reated to scrapebox, if not pls mods direct it to the propper category, thanks.
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