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Craigslist wins 60m judgement against RadPad for Scraping

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by outscrape, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Nov 23, 2016
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    Just a reminder not to fly too close to the sun and become the big dog on the block.

    "The relief included:

    • CAN-SPAM: $40 million, based upon violations from 400,000 emails. Notably, the court stated that Radpad had violated CAN-SPAM by sending emails that, among other things, contained false and misleading header information and subject lines and were sent through a whitelisted third party email delivery service to bypass craigslist’s spam filters.

    • Copyright: $20.4 million for copyright infringement based on RadPad’s scraping of various user postings from craigslist’s site. Interestingly, in order to have standing to bring infringement claims against certain aggregators such as 3Taps, craigslist changed its terms of service for a limited time to gain an exclusive assignment of copyright rights to user content.

    • Breach of contract: $160,000 for breach of craigslist’s terms of use based on the scraping activities.

    • Injunctive relief: Radpad and its employees and agents are enjoined from accessing or distributing any user content posted on craigslist, as well as barred from sending any commercial email to any craigslist user in violation of CAN-SPAM, among other things. Radpad is also prohibited from using technological means to scrape craigslist’s site or circumvent any of craigslist’s access controls (e.g., IP address blocks), or from purchasing or harvesting craigslist user postings."
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