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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by milkman789, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Hi Guys
    I been reading this forum for a while via RSS on my blackberry so couldnt really post. Lots of super ideas and lots of starters looking for info. So let me start off by staying I'm not a newbe by far. 7 years and still plowing I been online since AOL was 2.99 a min. :) and warez rooms was like a drug. And just a tip for the newbees if you ask a question get a answer post your real results it will make everyone feel alot better and you will be giving back to the forum. So as a quick give to the forum which I will explain more in my latter posts download a program called market samurai if you can understand the power of it your on my playing field if you can not I will post to help.

    Well here is my question

    I am looking to post on CL used a program called adsoncraigs seemed to work
    if there is a better one please let me know.
    what I would like to know is when I make a mass post do I need to change up my IPs.
    Also I been off CL for a while whats the deal with these phone verified accounts
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    Hi milk,
    From what I read msot automated posters are not working anymore, not sure about it.

    CL allows one IP per 48 hours to post an ad, so if you play their rules you need 2 ips for each ad/day you want to post.
    The more you abuse the rule the more likely you will get ghosted (ad invisible).
    The more often you do this the more likely your subnet or even ISP is flagged, then you'll need PVA to post.
    Some sections are always requiring PVA btw.

    From what I read (unverified) public proxy lists are banned these times, so you'll need less shared proxies or private ones.