Craigslist Now Censoring Adult Ads (Only In USA)

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Apr 2, 2008
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good news! if you're outside the states, you can still buy american! :D

Craigslist Censors Its Adult Services Section in the U.S.

Visitors hoping to browse the more risque section of the site found on Saturday that the adult services link was replaced with a the word "censored" in bold letters. (via CNN)

CNN also reports that Craigslist browsers who reside outside of the U.S. had no problem accessing the regular adult section. Representatives for Craigslist haven't commented on the change yet, but just last week 17 attorney generals from across the country issued a complaint against the site via a letter, saying that the ads posted in the adult services section were calls for prostitution and even child trafficking.

At that time, Craigslist rep Susan MacTavish Best commented on the complaint, saying, "We strongly support the attorneys general desire to end trafficking in children and women, through the Internet or by any other means."

Until Craigslist comments, it likely won't be clear whether the adult services section is gone for good or just temporarily disabled.