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    Nov 8, 2008
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    I want to do a JV with experts who have used craigslist and made money.

    Here's how it would work.

    I send you 1k-3k replies from jobs sections on craigslist (customer service/admin/accountant) and you send your offer and email to them to convert.

    I want people who have made $500 per day with craigslist because they know exactly what offers to promote to these people and how to write the emails.

    We will split the profits 40/60 (you get 60%) and I would want my share of the money via paypal at the end of the week.

    You would tell me the email that you are going to use, so that I could send you the 1k-3k replies to your email in real time. You don't have to worry about writing the ads, getting flagged, getting ghosted, etc. I would use my own proxies/IP's, ads, etc. and you just get them to convert by emailing them.

    If anyone's interested then pm me.

    Remember I'm ONLY looking for people who know what they are doing, so that we both can make lots of money. If I find that you are a trust able and expert Craigslist JV Partner, then I could send 10k-30k replies to your email a week, so then we could make LOTS of money.