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    How ads get ghosted on craigslist?..?
    Craigslist used to be a Happy Land for small business owner and online marketers! By posting on it, you can drive huge traffic to your website and make big BUCK from it! Of course it is still a Gold Mine but it is getting harder and harder for most marketors to enjoy posting on it!
    Lots of people comment it is a Frustration Land with full of disappointment and sadness. And there are many many marketers decided to quit posting, why??
    They are facing a huge problem which you may be facing now too. - Ghosting! What is Ghosting? A phenomenon after you post and publish your ads, your ads will not show on main section and only be seen by you is called Ghosting! Why will craigslist ghost your ads and how does this system work?
    It is very simple. Craigslist is trying their best to avoid marketers to ?spam? on its site and it wants to make sure all ads are unique and from genuine different people to create a fair community with ?democracy?. They can ghost ads by using Spam Filter which is automatic software or feature built in web 2.0 system to verify the uniqueness of Four Major Elements:
    1. IP ? It is the most important thing for Ghosting: Each computer supposes having one Unique IP so according to Craigslist?s Terms and Policy, the ads posted by this particular IP will only be allowed to post once in one section one city! If they detect this IP again within certain amount of the time, this ad will be ghosted!
    2. Email or account ? This is the essential element to post. Same to the IP! Same email will only allow to use limited times in posting within 48 hours! If it is used again too soon, the post will be ghosted!
    3. Title and Content ? This is essence of the ad. Craigslist has software to automatically cross match the contents to make sure they all unique! If they find out something wrong with it, either it will generate a Posted Already error code or be ghosted!
    4. Common Sense ? There are some small factors which Craigslist will look at to make sure these ads are unique and worthwhile to show on main section. This will include Location, Image, and Keywords in Content, Compensation and many more. What common sense will apply here? For example, the difference between a local small business owner and a national marketer or spammer to post is different. The local small business owners will very likely fill up the LOCATION filed to attract local people to his business and leave a local phone number in there but the national marketer will not write anything in the LOCATION filed and it will leave a website link there! Craigslist uses human psychology to identify whether this post is from a local business owner or a spammer!
    How will you know your ads having been ghosted or not?
    I am going to teach you a secret here! After you successfully publish the ads, please DON?T wait 15 minutes to see if your ads will show or not! Just simply click VIEW and SOURCE in your IE menu bar and open it! You will be able to see the HTML scripts of your ad! If you see there is a paragraph called ?<table Summary =Craigslist Hosted Image> ?? </table>, it means your ads will show up on main section no matter what but if this sentence is not there, please don?t even bother to wait! Just delete this ads because it is trash now!
    How to make your ads unghosted?
    The answer is very simple! Make the post as Unique as possible!
    Sometimes the things you should change are not the IP, Email or Content but the way you are thinking!! Marketer has his own characteristics and its way to thinking! If craigslist can use this psychological approach to catch posters? thoughts then program these to their software, your ads will be blocked for ever! And you can?t solve it by yourself! You should look for professional to help ? a third party view point.
    Are your ads flagged? How to solve it?
    Flagging is another frustrated thing for lots of advertisers! People flag each other?s ads to maintain their ads position on craigslist. Many of them even use software to flag other people?s ads! Even some software can completely block one person to post! This will further frustrate people to post on craigslist! As frequent posters and loyal audience, many people lost confidence to post on craigslist because they are facing hard time from both Craigslist auto spam filters and competitors? flagging machines! How flagging system works? It relates two elements:
    1. Your IP address
    2. Key words in your content
    How to solve it? It is very easy and simple ? Make Your Ads More Unique!
    I know you will say this is B.S but indeed it is the truth! As professional Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging Trouble Shooting Expert, this is the best solution I use to solve many many cases!
    Are you looking for Craigslists Auto Posters? Which you should choose?
    Lots of people will ask which software is better. Basically they are all the same things! Some have better feature and some don?t but they just make the tedious work more easy! The key here is Flexibility. The software will have to be made according to user?s need! As one of the Craigslits Software makers, I would like to suggest you to consult a professional before you purchase any kind of software because it may just waste your money! And sometimes an idea software may only cost you less then 100$ but it will bring the result you want and some software costing you 200 dollars will not make your ads show after publishing!
    You do need invest on Craigslist Posting but not on things can?t bring you value! Ask a professional before you make purchase decision! I will suggest you can get what you need by paying less!
    If willing to see me?.. contact yahoo messenger - anjudevianju