crack how some on pootube beta testers able to put links on their channels...

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    The new y##tube look does have a good aesthetic. (for those of you who dont know about it check out ...pootubedotcom/vlogbrothers

    i cant post urls so work it out - sorry :S
    and if you want to try out the channel design features then goto .../super_seekrit it's not that secret. However. The channel clearly doesn't allow you to put links in like the old version - except apparantly a privalidged few like the above example.

    His banner imaging is all hosted by pootube, not some free image host, so how is he doing it? I've looked at the source code and can see the <DIV> and contents full of links on the profile banner, but no where on pootube beta is there an opportunity to code this in yourself...

    OR AM I WRONG?! THERE HAS TO BE A WAY, or is this bollocks for selected people only..? I'm lookng in advanced editing, and can't see anywhere to input html, and <div> in... help me work it out cos this guy does it!

    PS i am actually limiting the number of times i reference y##tube just cos of searches.