CPM Affiliation | High Paying Rates + 10 € Registration Bonus

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    CPM Affiliation is an advertising network which pay you at Cost Per Mil (CPM) every visit on your website.

    - CPM automatic optimization to maximize your earnings
    - Real-time statistics
    - Payment from 50 ?
    - 8 advertising formats (Banners and Website-under)
    - CPM Minimum Guarantee (with tag replacement)
    - 10 ? Registration Bonus (available for advertising also)
    - No Minimum Traffic Requirement (Instant Auto Approval)
    - Support PayPal Payments System

    Note: I have prepared and edited this topic to share my experience with all BHW members and I'm still using right know CPM Affiliation. Its working very well and their dedicated servers are fast with an excellent upline. Also most of their ad network is clean just about cloths, blogs and some on (they don't diffuse illegal content or any kind of software downloads)

    Rates: en.cpmaffiliation.com/top_cpm.php
    Referal Link: cpmaffiliation.com/?ref=48965
    Non Ref Link: