CpaWay and ******* spamware detected

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by aftab1003, Mar 28, 2012.

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    i am trying CPA networks very first time.

    i have accounts from ******* and cpaway. i implement the codes via Google DFP on site.

    i face some problems...

    1- my local antivirus block my site to load.
    2- when i try to check the offer, links detected as spamware.
    3- i got 20 clicks on offer banners etc but no lead at all. (may be all clicks were blocked by their own antiviruses)
    4- Google DFP also detected all banners/media etc as spam ware and stop the codes to display.

    i want to know that is it normal? if yes, how to get rid of these issues.?

    i also send the email to support, but no reply from them.
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    LOL ya right
    International Waters
    A bunch of phishing sites share the same IP. Do a Google search and you will find out more.

    Dont know of ANY legit network that would share the same IP as facebook malware........

    I suggest you switch network.