CPA without bothering with a CPA Network!

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    Just thought of this and thought I'd share... If you are good with people and not intimadated by approaching small business owners/managers then I see no reason you couldn't make money with this...

    Rather than doing CPA offers from the big CPA networks, here is a way you can make up your OWN CPA offer and set your own price! I suppose every city is different, but in my area we have tons of small business who provide some sort of service... So here is the idea... Why not approach the service company with an offer to advertize for them for free, or on a CPA basis... Here is how you could do it, say its a Karate studio... Tell the owner you want to be able to offer something for free to make it easy to promote (free introductory lesson, enter to win a free month... something like that)... Post ads on CL, Backpage etc... in your area for them (but never reveal the actual business name on any of your materials that way you can pull the plug or change to a new place without skipping a beat in case the owner tries to screw you out of your comissions or provides a crappy service). You can even print business cards and stuck them up in other business locations (gas stations, restaurants etc) with your offer... You could even do 2 different promotions by printing on both sides, or promoting your website "" or something... Set your price up front (talk to the owner to see whats fair.. 30-50 per signup for lessons)... Also, you could seek out people who do guitar lessons, piano lessons, and in my area "Massage" is like this wierd phenomenon (not like shady prostitution massage, like the real deal)... Hell even dentists (although I dont trust dentists for some reason) or anyplace that can offer a service (especially a monthly service cuz the owner knows the value of a member and will likely pay you an amount value = to 1 month of their service)...

    Anyway, I'm sure there could be lots of twists you could add to this, but the idea is you are supporting your local community so it cant get saturated, it combines online and offline marketing and you dont have to really answer to some CPA network where exactly your traffic comes from. (which is another good reason to not use the business name itsself in any of your promotions until after the 'sale' is made... How you actually organize the sales can be managed whatever way you and the business owner is comfortable with or is applicable.. You could collect the money via paypal (and ensure your comissions) and then send them something redeemable at the business for the service, or you could trust the business to keep track of the leads you provide them and pay you out... Just tell them you will be emailing all your leads with a survey about their satisfaction with the service and I doubt they will screw you. Remember YOU are in control of that mailing list (think backend sales here too!) and if you get screwed I'd go promote the guys competition:)

    Anyway, hope you guys like it
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    Good idea, always looking to make money off line, as on line is getting harder and harder. Really thinking outside the box here, and yeah 1 month of their service is about right as a subscription. I have a lawyer friend who gives me 10% of every client spend that I bring him!!

    You can make major bank with this method

    thanks given
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    I tried something similar to this about a year and a half or so ago, i have feeling the douche i was doing business with was bullshitting me on none of my leads converting, but i wasnt ballzy enough to say anything about it, thinking he would eventually credit me with a sale...

    yes, the leads were from CL too, so of course this guy kept asking me where i was getting my leads from, since i was getting him more leads in a day than he was used to, since his service was not a high volume service, at least not as high as CL can make it.

    Can you believe that? Like i was going to give up my lead source? :tool:

    It wasn't good enough that this moron couldnt get free leads from me - he wanted me to give him the keys to the CL kingdom! :lock1:


    Haha! As if! :lmao:

    Its amazing how stupidly greedy some people can be...

    I've been guilty of that myself... thankfully those days are o v e r OVER.

    Anyways, just be sure to get a system in place that can legitimately track your leads, otherwise you might end up a little frustrated.
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    Interesting thread, I would like to give this a go when I get back home. Thanks for the post.