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    Whats up guys.

    I am offering a book for free after the user has submitted X amount of CPA email submits. My question is, how could i possibly open then in a new window, so once they're done with the first CPA they are automatically moved to the next.

    I'm not aware of any script that does this, if anyone could give some tips that would be awesome.


    EDIT: I am using CPALead, these guys are really awesome. They actually have this feature, plus they have a script that makes the user fill in a survey before they get to your site. Which is great and all...but they only do like the surveys that pay like 20 cent per submit. The surveys i'm using are 2-2.5 per lead.
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    Hire a coder on GetAFreelancer to program this:

    - A link on a website leading to an opening of a frame with a Javascript in it.
    - In this frame let the code generate another frame with the same size.
    - In this frame, let the script open an Offer page, Iframed with a fake referrer.
    - Let the Javascript registrate it when the submit button is pressed, and let it open another site in the same frame.
    - Repeat as needed.
    - When the final offer is completed, open a last page with a download offer.

    Now go, shoo, earn money.