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    Hi guys, some time ago I started my journey with CPA and after few tries I want to ask you some questions about sources of traffic, I'm not expecting to get your methods, just some clues take me on the right direction : ]

    I was trying to get some FB traffic, but my pages couldn't get viral, and got a little traffic, with no conversions - are you making good with Facebook? Maybe let's try MySpace?

    Is it good to make traffic from PTC? I also tried it, but as above, almost no conversions from it.

    Maybe you prefer a traditional SEO? Getting organic traffic from big G is pretty hard to make with CPA in my opinion, but if it works better than others, I can try.

    Could you tell me some advices? Thank you in advance.

    I'm dealing with PeerFly at the moment :).

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    Buy some PPC vouchers and try your hand there.

    Make sure you read up on keyword research, find a few keywords in a niche with an offer you have from peerfly, and use them.

    Only use one voucher at a time, and you'll have it down by the time you run out of your first $100.

    Doesn't matter cause you paid 20 for the voucher and have 30 in your cpa account.

    If you use real money, you'd be down, but all you have to cover is the cost of your voucher!;)

    Everyone starts somewhere...

    I started with peerfly btw.
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