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    Hey BHW,

    About 6 months ago I began a blog/review website specific to my niche. After taking the time to develop content, work on SEO and I have begun to monetize my reviews.

    My review articles are all about 500-600 words and I have placed a call to action ('Start Bidding Now' as it's auction related) every 150 words or so.

    Now my website gets about 100 unique visits a day to two of my review pages (About 50 each) and they're not converting at all. The offers are both on different networks and the one offer is for a leader in my industry so the trust should be somewhat there.

    I am looking for people who have been in CPA awhile to shed some light on this for me. I was expecting a conversion ratio of at least 2-3%, but throughout all of November I haven't had a single conversion and we're talking about 2500 unique visits of people looking for 'x reviews'.

    The CPA networks are both small, CPASaw and ProminentLeads. Last night I switched to an offer on Neverblue as I know they're more reputable incase it's a due to the networks backend or something.

    Any resources that go through CPA offer optimization or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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    When your asking for help you should use a question mark, your thread title looks like your contributing something not asking for help, that drives people nuts.