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Dec 10, 2006
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Ok let us say you have tried everything to get
accounts with cpa and for whatever reason you cannot.

Now if you have something to offer some who is already
accepted in cpa networks then do a partnership.

I found someone who say they can drive good traffic
so we made a partnership % of income.

What keeps us honest we both want to keep making them money.
Just to add the person with the cpa accounts controls the money.
Now I had one guy who could not comprehend me controling the money.
I said dude I am the one paying the taxes too .
He kept thinking I would rip him off.I explain to no end how
if I ripped him off I would lose the next month money.
That would be totally stupid of me .

He would not do the partnership.

I have other partnerships (for years) with people in 2 different countries and we have never met.
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I've done the same thing with my last two joint venture threads.

Some people will never trust you not to rip them off, but if the partner is earning, then why would you stiff them? That just doesn't make sense to me.

I've paid $1,000's to my partners and I've never had a problem.
Hey, every buddy. :)
Happy Xmas! I am a fresh man here, although have been in CPA for more than four full years. BHW, indeed a great forum. Many people gained what they wanna here. And now
I wanna get more and more in the coming days.
I found the people that are the most worried about being scammed and can't see the big picture are the ones that would scam you as soon as they could.

I wouldn't worry about it.. just move on and find a better partner.
The first step will be more difficult, but easier the next time, I am sure :)
to the op,

I can get you traffic.You can partner with me.
I have other partnerships (for years) with people in 2 different countries and we have never met.

I love it when the trust kicks in...

I started with a UK client 3 years ago, getting data encoding done. 18 months ago I took over managing his database and since January, his entire online marketing.

He pays me a percentage, I log into his sales / payment systems, chat with his accountant and get paid weekly. I hold all of his data and systems that are crucial to his business. Twice his competitor approached me to buy the data, twice I told my client about the approaches

We've also never met but chat daily and couldn't be better friends

Making money and friendships online - would you want to work anywhere else?



I also searching for angel partner >.<
belief is the most expensive thing to buy >.<
hi all
I have said it many times and firmly believe it that JV's are the way forward.
I mentioned in another thread that I was looking for JV'S but got no reply's, some people are just too wary, their loss

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Looking for another cpa partnership anyone interested .
I have the cpa networks accounts ..
I am very interested in this as I am quite new to this all, I haven't been making any money from it yet as I haven't been accepted to the sites... one way or another I couldn't get in, I would love to work with you tho, add me on [email protected] to talk more :)
Add me to the list superman. I'm based in UK.

I'm a month or so away from starting CPA projects, but i would certainly consider partnering with you at that time.

PM me when you can.


Remember everyone your part of the partnership is the traffic ... :)

This is partnership for those who cannot get cpa approval ...
hey superman i wouldn't mind a partnership, pm me details?
I'm good at this account:
Pm me if intreseted
Hey, I'm based in Brazil. I have a LLC in USA, I'm interested in this Partnership.
I have had a few people IM me and talking about what % partnership.

First you guy must realize in the USA I will get hit with full income taxes
so let say we made 20000 in 2009 I have to pay taxes all of it even know I got only % of it .
Well I am find some strange thing with people wanting to partnership.

In pm they says yes then I give them my IM and they don't even reply
or they change their mind when we haven't even really talk but a few words on IM.

What the deal ...........
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