CPA offers for Romania?

you don't :))

maybe on ringtonepartner .. they have some international offers .. but you could build your own ringtone site that would tailored to romanian "popular" music ;)

Set it up properly so that you can send them new ringtones every month .. and charge them .. there is one romanian company that can help you set up the payment system .. but I forgot it since I never used it..

Lots of more money marketing us offers if you ask me .. :)
My advice would be move on US targetted CPA offers. There is not much i can think off right now for Europe (Except UK) leave it Romania.
the thing with romania cpa offers is...that all romanian firms that do affiliations use US based products! so i dont!
you can try emailing to romanian online stores and ask if they have an affiliate program...i was meaning to do that..but i am soooo lazy..!
you try it ..and let me know! loolll

si eu zic la fel...baga-te pe toate ca pe asa de usor sa ajungi in prima pagina!

Eng: You are wasting time selling on romanian market. Maybe something cheap that you can buy up with SMSs (on short)

RO: Hai ca e bine, suntem ceva pe forumu asta. ce ziceti facem si noi o comunitate a noastra in care sa vorbim dulcea limba romaneasca? poate ne adunam toti fortele intr-un efort coordonat de a face ceva bani. Un fel de toti pentru unu si unu pentru toti, sau macar sa mai impartasim din experienta, ce mai stim, softuri, informatii...
I signed with romanian hosting affiliates, which use usa products indeed but you can get on the g first page easier in .ro , some of them don't even count the visits of the referrers, but few of them really pay, anyway, i also searched for some nice cpa but didn't find anything..

there are offers, but sadly most of them are pay per sale, so you cant actually do anything, but you can promote it or use csing.
Ma mandresc ca fiind unul din primii romani pe forumu asta :D, cati or fi in total.
Every country with decent internet presence has something like a CPA network nowadays. I bet I can find one for each country with at least 9 millions inhabitants and 18% or above of Internet penetration. the real question is whether they manage to sell and whether they plan to pay, and how much time they will stay around.
Salutare din Amsterdam la toata lumea si ma bucur sa vad ca sunt ceva romani pe aici !
Did you tried emag?
Salutare tuturor romanilor, vad ca sunt ceva pe aici
I work in ringtonepartner.
We do have great offers for Romania.
Let me know if you are still interested.
Ma mandresc ca fiind unul din primii romani pe forumu asta :D, cati or fi in total.

2008, si am un prieten ce e dinaintea mea :D

uby21 said:
Salutare din Amsterdam la toata lumea si ma bucur sa vad ca sunt ceva romani pe aici !

uby21 mai traiesti omule ? Nu am mai vorbit cu tine de cativa ani.
2parale sau profitshare e cel mai profitabil pentru ro in momentul de fata.
Just to confirm, are you looking to promote products to Romanians? Or are you based in Romania and you're looking for a way to generate revenue with affiliate programs?

I ask because I'm looking for some Romanian affiliates to offer them an opportunity to generate some pretty good affiliate commissions. Connect with me on Skype if you're interested. I've worked with Romanians since 2006 and gotta say, Ursus is one of my favourite beers - paired with some jumari? Amazing!
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