CPA Offers are boring and retarded at this stage

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by phrootloopdotcom, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Dec 18, 2008
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    i remember when cpa offers first hit the scene i'd make like 7000 bucks overnight sending bulletins from phished accounts on ms.

    fast forward 3 years later and i am still seeing the same tired ass landing pages.

    i have only seen ONE decent email submit landing page in the last year.

    it was for that new blackberry storm but what set it apart from the other blackberry storm pages i saw was this simple line,

    "Test and Keep the New Blackberry Storm"

    Ok so that makes some sense, company is looking for product testers, and for helping the company test this new gizmo - they get to keep it.

    so i talk to one of the owners at the cpa network that has this offer and sure enough, it is their top performing offer.

    It just goes to show how ONE little sentence can be the difference between 3% conversion rate and a 15% conversion rate.

    if anyone wants to try this offer its on awesome network for blackhatters btw. owners are cool with bh as long as you aren't sending bullshit leads and trust me they will find out if you are.

    What are some other good CPA offers you guys have seen? We are so late in the game that it is time to totally re-evalute these type of offers and make them look more appealing to the consumer. people realize now that after signing up for 10 free ipod offers in the last 2 years that they ARE NOT getting that free ipod ever.

    And why the fuck doesn't any dating sponsors have a simple 1 field email submit landing page that pays like a 1.50 a lead? since all these dating sponsors do is email spam these people with bullshit girls pretending to be trying to contact them - all they need is that email to circumvent the anti-spam laws...

    of course, when we launch our new dating sponsor we are going to allow any sort of traffic generation. i don't care if you are flat out email spamming with zombie boxes, if you get us sales - we'll pay.
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    Aug 5, 2008
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    yeah ive been promoting that one too and noticed that which makes it alot more convincable..... heck its also one of my top 3 converters..... i also find getting the leads is also in your 'sales' copy too.... because you tell them its free but then dont incentivise it at all.... you have to be carefull though :p